All 30 Major League Baseball Teams Using Synergy Sports’ Baseball Products

All 30 Major League Baseball teams currently use Synergy Sports products to enhance their scouting capabilities.

Exclusively made up of former MLB front office members and scouts, the Synergy Sports Baseball team has developed the most time efficient and in-depth API-based scouting resource available, providing organizations with patented technology that links video with in-depth data points within a baseball game.

What separates Synergy Sports from competitors is the access provided to tagged video content from all levels of amateur and international baseball. Prior to Synergy, scouts and front offices would spend countless hours tracking down and cutting up video clips .

Now, creating scouting videos can be done instantaneously for players across all levels of College Baseball, collegiate summer leagues and high school showcases allowing prep work for the MLB Amateur Draft to be more efficient than ever before.

Zach Fitzpatrick, LA Dodgers Assistant Director of Amateur Scouting said, “In a very short period of time, Synergy has significantly expanded and enhanced our scouting process and research capabilities at the amateur level.”

“Their immense data and video library has grown rapidly and empowered our scouting staff by adding an additional element of comfort and knowledge throughout the scouting calendar. We’ve been very impressed by the accuracy and coverage of their information, as well as their continued efforts to serve their clients and innovate every season.”

Mirroring this sentiment, Jay Sartori, Senior Director of Baseball Analytics and Operations at the Detroit Tigers said, “Our organization’s relationship with Synergy has been vital in recent years, as we continue to evolve our scouting and player development processes. The platform’s video library allows us to be efficient and thorough with our analysis, and is utilized throughout our front office.”

Matt Lawrence, Director of Baseball for Synergy Sports said, “Working with all 30 MLB teams has been an incredible accomplishment for Synergy. Building these relationships over the past five years is a true testament to the company’s philosophy of listening to our clients andputting their needs first. The Synergy Baseball team has worked tirelessly, and will continue to do so, to find new ways to innovate and deliver access to video and data to assist teams with scouting workflows and enhance game preparation strategies.”


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