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Swiss Basketball and Synergy Launch the First FIBA Connected Stadiums

Swiss Basketball is the first National Federation to transform its arenas into FIBA Connected Stadiums.

A Platform for Innovation

Swiss Basketball is the first National Federation to transform its arenas into FIBA Connected Stadiums. After announcing new leadership a few years ago, the organisation has been committed to placing Swiss Basketball at the cutting edge of technological and digital opportunities to grow the sport.

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“Swiss Basketball has worked closely with FIBA on their digital strategy. Being the first National Federation to implement the complete FIBA Connected Stadium solution, together with our partners Synergy Sports, demonstrates their commitment to digital innovation.” Nicolas Chapart – Head of Digital, FIBA

Continuing a Journey

Swiss Basketball had started live streaming games around one year prior to the partnership and being able to automate the production of games felt like the next step in advancing the organization’s digital strategy. The Federation has worked closely with FIBA in establishing it’s vision for the sport in Switzerland and now has a structure in place that will benefit all levels of the game.

Freeing Up Human Resource

Many of the clubs had been using volunteers to help with the filming of games. Since launching automated production, these people have been freed up to provide additional support for the scoring table and other crucial roles required during a game day. Across each league, this amounts to around 40 people freed up to help their team in another area.

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“Instant Replay is an indispensable tool for high level basketball. The contribution of video, which is very well regulated by the rules of the game, has proved its worth and allows referees to have a reliable tool to make the right decisions for the good of the game.”

Sebastien Clivaz, Head Referee, Swiss Basketball

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