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FIBA Connected Stadium

The FIBA Connected Stadium is a landmark partnership between Synergy Sports and the International Basketball Federation that provides a complete production suite that utilizes the latest in automated technology and can be implemented at the league or federation level.

FIBA-Affiliated Leagues and National Federations

FIBA Connected Stadium

The FIBA Connected Stadium is a joint initiative between FIBA and Synergy Sports, designed to support FIBA-affiliated national federations and competitions. This partnership puts game-changing technologies within the reach of basketball at every level.

FIBA-affiliated venues worldwide have the opportunity to be equipped with smart technology that automates the capture of live games, enhances the production for fans and provides new or enhanced commercial opportunities.

The FIBA Connected Stadium transforms stadiums from simply fields of play into technological and commercial platforms. Using state-of-the-art automated technology, the FIBA Connected Stadium reduces the staffing requirement and associated costs for broadcasting live games.

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The Benefits

The FIBA Connected Stadium offers major benefits to partner leagues and national federations.

Automated Video Capture, Production and Distribution Designed for Basketball

Synergy Sports’ solution uses patented and fully automated cameras to capture best-in-class quality video. Behind the scenes Synergy’s proprietary motion-based artificial-intelligence puts your league at the cutting edge of automated technology.

Professional-quality live video is produced without human intervention ready for live streaming through Federation or League-nominated channels as well as linear TV partners.

Broadcasts are enhanced with commentary from your team and Enhanced Visual Overlay (EVO) graphics which provide automated insight and context to live games through live player and game stats, sponsor messaging and score and clock details.

The FIBA Connected Stadium enhances your fan experience, attracts new audiences and offers a truly scalable solution for content creation at high volume with minimal resource required.

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“FIBA Connected Stadiums offer our members access to technology and expertise to automatically capture and live stream games. This partnership helps us develop and promote basketball and guide our National Federations through a complex technology landscape.”

FIBA Secretary General Andreas Zagklis

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