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Live Sports Production

Synergy Sports produces live sports content across different sports and provides a complete end-to-end content service. We provide a flexible plug-and-play mindset to individual solutions that means partners are free to pick and choose the tools that best fit their needs.

Flexible and Technology-Driven Live Sports Production

Synergy Sports’ singular goal to empower sport drives the collaborative and solution-agnostic mindset we adopt in how we work with partners. We build, partner with and acquire products that we confidently believe to be the best in the game. But we also recognise that for many different reasons, specialist point or legacy solutions may serve specific needs and purposes. No one can bring together both connected and individual content production and broader technology solutions as powerfully and as seamlessly as Synergy Sports.

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Automated Video Capture

With Synergy Sports’ automated solution, your organization can produce professional quality footage without any human intervention required. Without the cost and resource-heavy requirements associated with manually producing games, automation is a risk-free way of growing your competition and engaging with fans. Automated capture is particularly appealing for competitions either not already capturing every game due to resource constraints or looking for a simple solution for scaling their ability to capture, distribute and commercialize their content.

Manual Capture

If automated capture isn’t the best solution for you, or you’re already producing high level productions for every game via manual capture, Synergy Sports also works with your traditional linear TV production or manual uploads of games to power our coaching applications, content enhancement, distribution or monetization services.

All our technology is plug-and-play so you can integrate at any part of the production chain to simplify your content workflows.

EVO Automated Graphics

EVO is a cloud-based broadcast graphics system with the functionality to integrate sponsor messaging and monetize live streams with premium commercial messaging. Integrated with official game clock, score and live statistics, EVO completely automates the display of contextually relevant information for the game, each team and individual players at key moments of a game.

Replays and Multi-Angle

When there’s a big play or a key moment in a game, Synergy Sports’ instant replay allows fans to see the action multiple times. Synergy Sports is also experienced in building multi-angle solutions using additional cameras to provide diversity and depth to a live game production.

Fully-Integrated In-Game Commentary

A commentary team can raise the excitement for fans at key moments of a game, as well as provide analysis and insight. We have multiple ways of integrating commentary into a production and we also have a purpose-built application to provide commentators with live statistics during the game. This means they’re never short of talking points and can make telling game observations on the fly.

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