Content and Data Editorial Solutions for Sports Media

Synergy Sports provides content solutions, advanced analysis and data editorial services for leading media outlets.

01.Media Products and Services

Livestream Sports Rights for Media

Synergy Sports provides media partners with compelling live streams and on-demand sports video.

Through industry-leading AI and motion-tracking technologies, we ensure the consistency and quality of productions, as well as a scalable and rapidly growing inventory.

Synergy Sports’ live stream portfolio provides access to live sporting competitions from around the world, meaning close to 24-hour coverage. Through Synergy’s rights holder partnerships, we provide unique content that can provide differentiation from your competitors.

With sports fans in mind, wherever they are in the world Synergy has a unique inventory of sporting competitions to enhance your offering.

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Livestream Sports Graphics

Planning to stream games or events? Enhance your stream offering with Synergy’s real-time stats, analytics and graphics. Synergy can log any sport, any game and any event – and then present an engaging array of analysis and graphics for a more customized and stickier experience for the viewer.

02. Data Editorial

Stats, Video Analytics and Graphics for Writers and Journalists

Write with authority using the same analytics the teams use – recap the game from the coaches’ and players’ perspectives. Only Synergy gives you access to full video, stats and analytics, in-depth analysis, one-click video examples, easy to generate data visualizations to enhance reader engagement and the categorized data you absolutely need on every play, player and team.

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Advantages for professional sports writers, reporters, editors, bloggers, website and social media content managers

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Full service Data Editorial Creation for Sports Media

Synergy Sports partners with many organizations, not only providing access to the insights and analytics you expect from Synergy but also “ready to go” editorial coverage that focuses on data-driven insights.

Whether it’s player analysis, matchup breakdowns or projections ahead of a draft or ongoing statistical deep dives, we have you covered. ESPN, and Sports Illustrated among many others trust Synergy to provide high level data editorial that covers the important moments in the season.

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