Synergy Sports and FastModel Sports Expand Partnership

Synergy Sports and FastModel Sports Expand Relationship to Become ‘Preferred Partners’ as Companies Extend Basketball’s Leading Software Solution Integration and Introduce Exclusive New Features

Expanded partnership brings Synergy’s video-derived stats exclusively into FastModel scouting reports.


FastModel Sports, developer of basketball’s premier coaching software products, and Synergy Sports have announced a partnership extension and the launch of new features within their integrated software solutions. Together, FastModel Sports and Synergy Sports enable coaches to more efficiently prepare and coach their teams through a vast library of detailed video clips, statistics, and play diagrams. The alliance benefits thousands of coaches, scouts, and players who use these products on a daily basis for practice and game preparation at both the collegiate and professional levels.

The extended partnership gives FastModel Sports an innovative data integration that expands on existing video capabilities. Now, the most requested statistics from Synergy Sports – including ‘play types’, ‘shot types’, and ‘possessions’ – will be available through the custom scouting reports module within the FastScout® report building software from FastModel Sports. FastScout is the only scouting platform providing these in-depth statistical and video integrations together, and will exclusively being doing so with Synergy Sports data.

“The reason the basketball program at Arizona relies on Synergy Sports and FastModel Sports is our trust and confidence that they will never stop innovating. They are relentless in their efforts to make our staff more effective and efficient in our day-to-day operations,” said Adia Barnes, Head Coach at the University of Arizona.

“These new data features illustrate the commitment between Synergy Sports and FastModel Sports to innovate and save coaches valuable time and energy. Heading into the 2021-22 season, we are excited to introduce the next step in our integration as we bring the most impactful Synergy statistics into FastScout and further enhance every team’s workflow. We look forward to continued collaboration with Synergy Sports to benefit coaching staffs around the world,” said Jim Corelis, President at FastModel Sports.

“During the first two seasons of our partnership, we’ve had an incredible response from coaches across the country who’ve utilized Synergy Sports video within their FastScout, FastRecruit, and FastDraw applications. Today, we are pleased to move forward with a deeper integration that will allow for direct use of our industry leading data and analytics within the FastScout report building technology.” said Mark Silver, Synergy Sports CEO.

Coaches interested in a full walkthrough of the newest integrations between Synergy Sports and FastModel Sports’ FastScout application can register for the “Work Faster and Find the Winning Edge with Data and Video” webinar on Wednesday, August 11th.

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