Synergy Sports and FIBA Americas Partner for Centrobasket

Following the recent announcement of 130 FIBA Connected Stadiums installed across the Americas and a successful partnership covering the “Liga Sudamericana de Baloncesto Femenina” (LSBF), Synergy Sports and FIBA Americas have also partnered to cover the Women’s CentroBasket 2021 tournament.

Having taken place from March 24th through 28th, the tournament featured 5 national teams from across Central America and the Caribbean: El Salvador, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

Due to COVID-19 protocols, games were played in a single FIBA Connected Stadium in El Salvador. Puerto Rico won the competition, which qualified them for the upcoming AmeriCup 2021 along with the Virgin Islands, Dominican Republic, and El Salvador.

In line with Synergy Sports’ and FIBA’s goals of driving increased awareness and accessibility to women’s basketball, games from the tournament were all streamed live on FIBA’s YouTube channel, receiving tens of thousands of views.

Discussing the tournament, Synergy Sports CEO Mark Silver said “We’re proud to be partnered with FIBA Americas to cover an international tournament. Representing your country is the highest honor you can achieve as an athlete and we’re excited to be able to raise the accessibility of these games.”

Partnerships Director Marcelo Gallicchio said “From a club tournament to now covering international games, our partnership with FIBA Americas truly shows how FIBA Connected Stadiums can benefit all levels of basketball.”

For tournament news, standings, results and stats, visit the official event website.



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