Synergy Sports Partners with the CCCMBCA to Advance Opportunities for Community College Student Athletes

Synergy Sports has announced a partnership with the California Community College Men’s Basketball Coaches Association (CCCMBCA) to bring world-class coaching and scouting tools to teams throughout California.  

As part of the partnership with CCCMBCA, Synergy will provide CCCMBCA coaches with access to the same level of advanced scouting tools that NBA and top NCAA Division I teams utilize to gain a competitive advantage. With games also available to coaches and scouts at all levels, the partnership will increase exposure for current student-athletes as they look to advance to the next levels of their athletic careers. Additionally, Synergy Sports will be instrumental in boosting the CCCMBCA’s social media presence with increased access to content and statistics.  

Expanding on Synergy’s commitment to community college athletics, Matthew Curley, account executive, said, “We believe there is no other organization that is more committed to community college sports than Synergy Sports. Through this partnership, we look forward to providing the best possible service to all schools, coaches, and players within the CCCMBCA. We believe this partnership will not only raise the level of play and competitiveness, but also help generate the exposure these athletes deserve.” 

“Our company mantra states that our vision is for global sports at every level to have the content and technologies to raise their game and create a more immersive experience,” Mark Silver, Synergy Sports CEO, said. “Synergy Sports is dedicated to bringing world class technology, data and video analytics to all levels of sport throughout the US and beyond. Partnering with the CCCMBCA allows us to positively impact the teams, coaches, and athletes throughout California.” 

The CCCMBCA is especially excited about the opportunities this partnership holds for its coaches and the student athletes. 

“As an association we are always trying to advance our mission of transferring student athletes to the next level,” said James Giacomazzi, president of the CCCMBCA and head coach at Las Positas College. “The tools Synergy Sports brings to the table will be game changing for our student-athletes. In addition to providing our coaches with the best scouting tools available, four-year coaches will have access to a comprehensive library of game films for each of the California competing colleges.”  

“We are excited to be back on the floor in November for the 2021-22 season, and extremely happy to have Synergy Sports join us to help showcase and highlight the performance of the athletes at the community-college level.” 


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