Synergy Sports Podcast: Mark Silver

Synergy Sports has launched a new Sports Technology podcast series. The first episode focuses on company CEO Mark Silver and his 15+ year career with the company, from his start with Synergy Sports following a stint in the NBA as an Assistant Video Coordinator with the Philadelphia 76ers to his rise to CEO of the company.

Mark discusses how joining Synergy was initially planned to be a temporary stop before returning to the NBA, but instead he progressively made his way across departments of the business and rose through the ranks of the company, shaping the way Synergy operated from the ground up.

With Synergy Sports introducing a game-changing product for NBA and NCAA Basketball teams in terms of time efficiency and productivity, the company scaled rapidly. Mark discusses some of the landmark achievements leading up to the present. This included a feature in USA Today discussing the degree to which scoring had changed in NCAA Basketball, with college coaches attributing the addition of Synergy to how much better prepared they were for opponents’ tendencies and strengths. Similarly, Milton Lee (Synergy Sports’ Chief Reputation Officer and podcast host) and Mark discuss how commonplace it has become for high profile players, announcers and reporters to name drop Synergy either as a key part of their preparation, or as their trusted data and video source.


Mark provided some commentary on how Synergy had expanded into different sports over time, with the ability to automate menial, time-consuming tasks and increase the time coaching staffs have available to strategize and prepare their teams appealing universally across sports.

As a business with its roots in technology, Mark discusses how Synergy Sports is adapting new technologies over time and how emerging technologies will continue to shape the company’s offering. You can listen to episode 1 below, and  subscribe to be sure to receive all future episodes across all major podcast platforms.



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