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Synergy Sports has an unmatched library of sports data that links tagged video to in-game statistics. Coaches, scouts, fans and media all over the world use Synergy Sports as their go-to when it comes to breaking down film, statistical deep dives or needing to make a comprehensive video edit quickly.

For Coaches, Scouts, Players

Synergy Sports changes the game by improving how coaches, scouts and players access data and analytics – and use it to develop winning team strategies.

Proprietary sports-specific technology links an unprecedented array of data and video clips to create visual statistics on how players play. Then it dissects and analyzes every element of every game, sorts the details, and pairs it with supporting video.

For Media

Sports illustrated, and many other media outlets work with Synergy Sports to give fans in-depth analyses, enhance game coverage, and form opinions. Synergy Sports allows writers to write with authority using the same analytics the teams use – and replay the game from the coaches’ and players’ perspectives.

Only Synergy Sports provides access to full NBA video and stats, optional NCAA or international basketball stats, in-depth analysis, one-click video examples and the categorized data you absolutely need on every player and team.

For Bookmakers

Synergy Sports provides the advanced metrics and analysis that elite coaches around the world rely on to build their strategies. Granular data spanning individual player and team tendencies and probabilities allows betting operators to create compelling lines and offers.

Similarly, being able to provide bettors with the insight and confidence to make an informed wager is a key to engaging customers. Synergy Sports is among the most trusted global providers of sports data.

For Fans

Serious basketball fans and fantasy leaguers rely on Synergy Sports for insights, predictive analytics and just plain basketball excitement.

Avid basketball fans can access the same stats professional coaches use – before the teams even leave the arena after a game. It’s a one-stop must-have for basketball fans who crave facts, stats, analytics, predictive models and plenty of game-play entertainment.

“Synergy Sports has been a key partner of ours for years. Their library of information is unmatched—it’s a fantastic product that gives us up-to-date information on players worldwide.”

Danny Ainge, Boston Celtics President of Basketball Operations



Synergy Sports’ suite of production solutions will enhance your broadcast, turning it into a platform that not only engages fans, but also offers real benefits for coaches, referees and more.




Synergy Sports makes it easy to share content to anywhere you’re trying to reach fans.


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