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Synergy Sports makes it easy to share content to anywhere you’re trying to reach fans. Whether it’s full games, highlights or key league data like schedules, results or league standings, we partner with you to make it easy.


Synergy Sports works with your linear tv partner to ensure they can show live games directly from your automated feed.


Whether you already have or need a branded OTT platform or partner, Synergy Sports can provide every game live and on-demand.

Social Media

The game has changed. All sporting properties want to drive engagement on social media and we can make that easy for you with easy clipping and sharing from live games. Streaming full games on YouTube, Facebook Live, Twitch or anywhere else you want fans to be able to find you can become part of your automated process.

Coaching Applications

Whether you are using Synergy Sports’ coaching applications or you have another preferred tool, it is seamless to distribute your video to any platform working with Synergy Sports.

Third Party Partners

Whether it’s a tool for highlights, video-sharing or anything else, Synergy Sports can distribute to any key platform you have.

Sportsbooks / Bookmakers

Synergy Sports can distribute live video to bookmakers within the industry standard latency benchmarking and expected quality and speed standards.

International Live Video Distribution

Synergy can help widen and enhance your international profile when granted the rights to distribute customer games through international markets. This opportunity is typically difficult for single leagues to realize independently and participating leagues benefit from being part of a broader network of competitions that can help bring such international distribution opportunities to fruition. Synergy liaises with its network of international streaming partners to help promote games and competitions to a new mix of fans, helping each Federation or League derive unrealized opportunities from doing so.



Synergy Sports has an unmatched library of sports data that links tagged video to in-game statistics.




Synergy Sports’ offering represents a huge opportunity for additional exposure and revenue for the leagues and levels of sport who need it most.


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