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A lot of elements are required to turn a raw video feed into a high-quality sports production. Synergy Sports’ suite of production solutions will enhance your broadcast, turning it into a platform that not only engages fans, but also offers real benefits for coaches, referees and more.

Multi Angle Sports Production

Synergy Sports is experienced in building multi-angle solutions using additional cameras to provide diversity and depth to a live game production.

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EVO Automated Graphics

EVO is a cloud-based broadcast graphics system with the functionality to integrate sponsor messaging and monetize live streams with premium commercial messaging.

Integrated with official game clock, score and live statistics, EVO completely automates the display of contextually relevant information for the game, each team and individual players at key moments of a game.


When there’s a big play or a key moment in a game, Synergy Sports’ instant replay allows fans to see the action multiple times.

Fully-integrated in-game commentary

A commentary team can raise the excitement for fans at key moments of a game, as well as provide analysis and insight. We have multiple ways of integrating commentary into a production and we have a purpose built app that provides commentators with live statistics in real time during the game.

Cloud and In-Venue Production

Synergy Sports has flexible production options that can combine cloud and in-venue elements to ensure the best quality production is achieved.



From elite sports leagues down to grassroots, Synergy Sports has solutions that drive performance on and off the field.




Synergy Sports has an unmatched library of sports data that links tagged video to in-game statistics.


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