Atrium Sports, Keemotion and Synergy Sports Technology Form Synergy Sports

Synergy Sports

NEW YORK, NY – Sept 30, 2020 – Sports technology leader Atrium Sports announced today that it is taking a major step in its mission to enrich the world of sport through the creation of Synergy Sports. Atrium Sports, Synergy Sports Technology and Keemotion – the latter two companies acquired by Atrium Sports in 2019 – are now integrated into a single company: Synergy Sports. The new Synergy Sports will be the most advanced sports data and video platform in the world, serving the needs of teams, leagues and federations at all levels of play.

Sports technology is a complex landscape littered with single point solutions that are siloed, difficult to integrate and fail to unlock the value of stakeholder’s content. The new Synergy Sports solves this problem. Through a groundbreaking AI-based technology platform, Synergy Sports is dedicated to creating game-changing technologies while also partnering with other technology leaders in sports. The end result is a powerful, frictionless ecosystem of best-in-class technologies. For the first time, sports teams, leagues and federations can now leverage a single provider’s technology suite to do everything from producing their games to selling their content. The new Synergy Sports reduces the complexity and costs of live game production and content distribution, offering a simple and affordable solution to livestreaming and delivery of enhanced content.

Mark Silver, formerly CEO of Synergy Sports Technology, will take the helm as CEO of the new Synergy Sports. Ben Turner, formerly CEO and a co-Founder of Atrium Sports, will take the role of Chief Sport Officer. Mark said, “The opportunity to bring together three companies who have been industry leaders in their specific category of sports technology with a unifying vision of creating the first of its kind end-to-end solution is a game changer. Continuing to develop our own AI-driven proprietary technology while partnering with other best-in-class technologies to help meet the needs of our clients is a win-win for everyone, most importantly the players and fans!”

Synergy Sports’ Chairman, Nick Maywald, said, “Synergy Sports’ new brand promise is to deliver a fully immersive experience answering the needs and wants of players, coaches, teams and fans. Despite being one of the most challenging times in the history of sport due to the global pandemic, there’s never been a better time for sports to embrace technology and innovation. Staying true to our ‘Sport First’ ethos, we’re committed to help sports bounce back by investing in innovative technology and artificial intelligence to equip sports at every level with the tools and expertise to capture, analyze, produce, distribute and commercialize their data and video content.”

Synergy Sports operates in 41 countries around the world with over 500 FIBA Connected Stadiums as part of their partnership with FIBA

In the US, Synergy Sports also serves every single NBA, MLB, G League, WNBA and NCAA Division I basketball team as well as over 270 NCAA Division I baseball teams and is now moving rapidly into other sports. Since 2019, Synergy Sports has aggregated a library of 64,524 basketball games around the world and 13,234 baseball games in the US.



About Synergy Sports

Synergy Sports was created by merging Atrium Sports, Synergy Sports Technology and Keemotion. Atrium Sports was founded by a group of sport industry leaders, backed by Eldridge and Elysian Park Ventures. In 2019 Atrium Sports partnered with FIBA to deliver the FIBA Connected Stadium, an initiative to make high quality production available to all professional leagues and federations around the world. They also acquired video automation leader, Keemotion and Synergy Sports Technology, the dominant global provider of data, analytics and tools, for the NBA, MLB, G League, WNBA and NCAA DI and DII. Synergy Sports is a single source for computer vision, AI-driven video and data solutions. Access to this ecosystem of game-changing technology, partnerships and expertise reduces the complexity and costs of video capture, live game production and content distribution. This improves performance on the field, creates exceptional experiences off it and delivers commercial opportunities for sustainable growth. To learn more, please visit or follow Synergy Sports on Twitter and LinkedIn.

About Eldridge

Eldridge grows diversified businesses with a focus on Insurance; Credit; Technology; Real Estate; Sports and Media; and Consumer. In particular, the firm seeks to build and grow businesses led by proven management teams that have demonstrated leadership and experience to scale an enterprise. Eldridge is headquartered in Greenwich, Connecticut, with additional offices in Beverly Hills, New York, and London. To learn more about Eldridge please visit​

About Elysian Park Ventures

Elysian Park Ventures is a private investment firm created by the ownership group of the Los Angeles Dodgers that partners with exceptional entrepreneurs operating at the intersection of sports, technology, and entertainment. Based in Los Angeles and New York, Elysian Park invests across stages from seed to growth, and also provides entrepreneurs with strategic, operational, and management resources through the Global Sports Venture Studio. Learn more at


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