Synergy Sports brings its world-class cloud-based video and analytics system to MLB, MiLB, College and International baseball


Video and Data Analytics for Baseball Coaches and Scouts

Synergy Sports has built its success on proprietary technology which links meaningful sports data and video clips to create visual statistics and analytics about players, teams and games.

Patented “1-Click Video” links every stat to the supporting video, resulting in automatically generated edits that once took coaches hours to create.

Infinite sorting and filtering of statistics and video clips in real time gives coaches endless opportunities to discover the answers to important questions as they formulate winning strategies.

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Synergy Sports Proprietary data coupled with official stats and video

Synergy Sports’ loggers and proprietary technology dissects and analyzes every pitch, player, plate appearance, game situation and outcome – then sorts those details and pairs them with supporting video. The impact of such detailed and wide-ranging analysis will change the way front offices, coaches, and players leverage data and video.

Who Uses Synergy Sports?

All 30 MLB teams and 96% of division 1 collegiate teams are already using Synergy to boost their performance and drive their strategy.

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