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Capture is the starting point for all sports content and high quality video capture underpins all strategies for growth and fan engagement. From elite sports leagues down to grassroots, Synergy Sports has solutions that drive performance on and off the field.

Automated Video Capture

With Synergy Sports’ automated solution, your organization can produce professional quality footage without any human intervention required. Without the cost and resource-heavy requirements associated with manually producing games, automation is a risk-free way of growing your league.

Our software ecosystem enables each division of your team to quickly and effectively accomplish their goals, whether that be coaching, officiating, or producing sports.

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Manual Capture

If automated capture isn’t the best solution for you, Synergy Sports also works with your traditional linear TV production or manual uploads of games to power our coaching applications.

All our technology is plug-and-play so you can integrate at any part of the supply chain to simplify your content workflows.

Referee Review Tool

The integrity of decision-making is paramount for referees. In a fast-moving game it can be difficult for an official to see every angle. Synergy Sports provides an instant replay tool purpose-built for referees allowing them instantly and in slow motion to review any play they believe needs a second look.

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Case Study

Swiss Basketball and Synergy Launch the First FIBA Connected Stadiums

Swiss Basketball is the first National Federation to transform its arenas into FIBA Connected Stadiums. After announcing new leadership a few years ago, the organisation has been committed to placing Swiss Basketball at the cutting edge of technological and digital opportunities to grow the sport.

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Synergy Sports’ offering represents a huge opportunity for additional exposure and revenue for the leagues and levels of sport who need it most.




Synergy Sports’ suite of production solutions will enhance your broadcast, turning it into a platform that not only engages fans, but also offers real benefits for coaches, referees and more.


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