Recapping 2020: Sports as a Force for Good

As we approach the end of a year in which a global pandemic has had an unprecedented impact on countries around the world. The emotional, mental, economic and of course physical impact on nations, regions, local communities, families and individuals is hard to truly comprehend. 

None of these impacts can be overstated and at Synergy Sports, much like everywhere else, we have colleagues, partners, friends and family members around the world that have been affected in different ways. It is impossible to write a year end blog in 2020 without acknowledging the people who have, and continue to, work day in and day out to keep us safe and fight Coronavirus on the front line. Thank you to all the healthcare professionals and everyone out there on the front lines, keeping us as safe as possible. 

As a sports community, trying times like these really causes us to step back and take stock in how sports contribute to society at large, outside of just the entertainment value generated on the field of play. I believe that we can view sport as a mirror, a barometer and an example for the wider world.

The Olympic Spirit

I can’t help but think in a year in which the Olympic and Paralympic Games had to be postponed, the spirit of the games can articulate a lot of what sports can contribute in this environment. The Olympic creed reads:

“The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not to win but to take part, just as the most important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle. The essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well.”


I have no doubt that when conditions are safe enough for the games to take place, with athletes from around the world competing on a level playing field and with the world watching, it will be our shared global experience that will represent the real victory more than any individual event. The Olympics perhaps more than any other event due to its global participation and reach will have the opportunity to represent the world turning the corner, together. 

Sports Removed from Fans

When the NBA made the decision to cancel their games on March 11th, I am not sure anyone was truly prepared for the dominoes that were about to fall. It was, at least for me, the first instance of what lay ahead for us all being really visible and tangible. Since that time, our ability to congregate in public, in small groups and large, has been an ever changing balance of safety and trying to keep a semblance of normal life.  As a result, we since have seen sports around the world play on a spectrum, of no fans to limited fans in attendance. 

It has no doubt been weird to watch sports sans the fans, the sounds and the atmosphere we are all accustomed to. Fans are a fundamental part of sports. The passion and the excitement in sports comes from fans and is a key ingredient in making what top level sports means to us all Without fans, sports simply don’t feel complete. But equally, as a passionate sports fan myself, I am happy we are able to watch sports at all.

Sports continue to be a normalizing force in our everyday lives. We can sometimes forget how big of a part they play in our day to day routines. Whether that is taking our kids to their local youth league game, playing a pickup game amongst friends, getting together on a weekend to watch a game on TV or attending a pro game. Sports plays a huge role in who we are and what we do. 

Synergy Sports in 2020

During 2020 we rebranded as a company, and as a part of this process it really forced us to think about why we do what we do.

Thinking about how this year in sports has played out, I’m brought back to the mission and vision for our company that we agreed on. 

Our Mission:

“We will enrich the lives of those who oversee, participate and dedicate themselves to sport around the world by providing innovative technologies and content solutions that improve performance on the field and create exceptional experiences off it.” 

Our Vision:

“For global sports at every level to have the content and technologies to raise their game and create a more immersive experience.”  

It is these words we will refer back to as Synergy Sports as a business looks to help differing levels of sports not just return to action, but return to thriving on and off the field. It was this mindset that drove our recent COVID-19 Relief Program and it is this mindset that will continue to drive our strategy and actions into the new year. 

As I reflect again on thinking of sports as a mirror, a barometer and an example for the wider world, as we head into the new year Synergy Sports will strive to inspire the best reflection of how sports can be a positive influence for the world. 


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